Main features

  • Full height cabines with swing doors installed in continuous battery.
  • The interior shelves can be made of metal or 25mm thick melamine.
  • The doors have a espagnolette lock and a keyed knob.
  • The cabinets have height-adjustable legs to adjust to irregularities in the floor.
  • The back of the wardrobe is made of 10mm thick melamine and is fitted to the side and bottom regattas.
  • The Master cabinet system has embedded aluminium profiles for greater resistance.
  • The Master cabinet system has a telescopic bottom ruler with the same aesthetic as the office partition Master profiles.
  • Neo cabinet system has 25mm thick laterals and is fully made of melamine.
  • Side panels of cabinet are shared to obtain a full continuous battery aspect, without any different joints between doors.
  • We can also install telescopic folder holders inside of the cabinet.
  • Cabinets are custom-designed to make the most of the available space.

Full height integrated cabinets are an excellent option for making the most of available office space. We can use the same melamine finish as in the partitions to achieve a uniform aesthetics.

At Dinor we manufacture to the customer’s needs. We can configure the height, depth and width of the cabinet batteries, combining them with wall coverings to integrate the walls completely.