Since 1997 creating constructive solutions for work spaces, business centres, sports facilities and hotels. Dinor is present in the design, manufacture, distribution and assembly of your projects.

Starting a business, creating a company, working on an idea and taking the project forward requires a great deal of effort and determination. A company is made up of people, a team that decides to join forces to make the company grow and achieve its objectives. In order for all these people to be able to develop their tasks and their creativity, we must offer them a work space in which they feel comfortable. Every company has its own atmosphere. The essence of an organisation’s character can be breathed in its offices.

In Dinor we create work spaces and we like to be part of your project.
  • We manufacture, install and distribute.
  • We process the raw materials until they are ready for assembly.
  • We have our own teams of installers to provide turnkey service.
  • Our network of authorized dealers is at your disposal.

Dinor team of people our main strenght.
Reliability is achieved through many years of experience.
We have worked to make the customised product our standard.

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Focus all your effort towards the wellness of your customer

At Dinor we have integrated large part of the production processes.

This allows us to have faster delivery times.

We work with a lot of raw materials: glass, wood, ceramic, galvanised steel, aluminum, hardware and vinyls. We transform them so they are ready for installation.