Main features

  • Locker made of phenolic panel with aluminium profiles structure.

  • Locker standard height is 1950. Body has 1800mm and regulable plstic feet are 150mm height.

  • 12mm thick doors with rounded edges and height-adjustable hinges by means of a sliding system on an aluminium profile.

  • Shared sides of 4mm thickness housed inside the aluminium profiles.

  • Upper cover, intermediate shelves and lower cover in 8mm white phenolic panel.

  • Rear 4mm phenolic panel with holes for locker air circulation.

  • The doors can be closed with a padlock, key lock, coin lock, combination lock or electronic lock. We also have a blutooth lock which allows you to open lockers with your mobile.

  • The lockers can be supplied assembled or disassembled, at the customer’s choice.

  • The locker system can be mounted as continuous battery. The joints between the doors will be all the same. If you want to move lockers in the future you can also decide to mount them in blocks of 3 or 4 units.

  • The roof can be tilted at the customer’s request to prevent objects from being deposited on top of the locker.

  • The modules can be 250, 300 or 400 wide. The standard depth is 500mm. We can also made them custom at your choice.

  • We have matching phenolic benches in various arrangements, single, double, with backrest or with coat hanger.

  • The benches can be with lacquered or stainless steel structure, provided with plastic caps for a better support on the floor. The seat and the lower shoe slat are made of water-resistant phenolic panel.