Mobile wall

Main features

  • Movable partition made of independent modules suspended from an upper aluminium guide.
  • The modules have an internal mechanism that allows them to expand in height to adjust between guide and pavement.
  • The thickness of the partitions can be 80, 100, 106 or 132mm depending on the type of panels and the acoustic insulation required.
  • The partition does not require a bottom guide for installation. When the partition is folded, all the space is available.
  • The modules can be stacked in the centre of the rail (mono-directional system) or use multiple stacks (multidirectional system)
  • We have a movable glass partition with 1 glass of 10mm or silk-screened double glass with a total thickness of 100mm.
  • The connection between modules is made by tongue and groove aluminium profiles which have housing for magnetic joints for better insulation.
  • The system allows the installation of doors incorporated in the modules that will have the same thickness as the partition.
  • Mobile partition has to be fixed to concrete slab or to auxiliary structure. The weight of the partition is approximately 50kg/m2
  • The mobile wall is fixed by means of threaded rods, metal plates and nuts for a perfect levelling of the guide.
  • The bearings of the movable partition are designed for smooth movement to allow effortless folding.

The movable partition has been designed to give maximum versatility to our space. It is particularly suitable for party rooms, hotels, convention centres, meeting rooms, educational centres, etc. The use of the movable partition will allow us to separate large spaces into several independent rooms or to take advantage of all the available space if necessary.

Insulating elements are installed inside the movable partition to achieve maximum acoustic comfort. It is important to design the entire installation with the appropriate acoustic insulation to achieve privacy between the spaces that we will be divided. A combination of carpeting, acoustic ceiling of wood shavings with magnesite or sound absorbing, combined with soundproofing partition to isolate the space between the guide and the floor will help the partition to perform its function satisfactorily.

It is also interesting to outline the different possibilities that we wish to obtain when folding the partitions, to see the capacities of each space and the needs for additional passage doors for the transit of people.