Office partition Neo

Main features

  • Office partition composed of extruded aluminium profiles with lacquered or anodised finish.

  • General thickness of the partition 80mm. Aluminium plinth profile and top profiles of 24 mm.

  • The system allows you to work with 5mm grooves and veneered panel edges or with unedged panels and 24mm aluminium joint covers.

  • Double 16mm thick melamine panel with 0.8mm thick ABS veneered edges.

  • The profiles are prepared to accept 5, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5 and 6+6 glass.

  • The glazing can be double or single. The single glass is centered on the profiles.

  • The 5+5 and 6+6 glasses can be mounted “edge-to-edge” with a transparent adhesive profile to join the glasses.

  • The melamine doors are 38mm thick. They can be 2030×825, full height or rebated.

  • Tempered safety glass doors are 10mm thick.

  • The Biglass doors consists of an internal aluminium frame and two 5mm glass sheets with silk-screen printing attached to the profile. The final appearance is a full glass 40mm thick door with aluminum edges in same finish as partition.

  • The system incorporates profiles for wall covering of 50mm thickness with the same aesthetics as the office partition.

  • Profiles lacquered according to QUALICOAT standard or anodised according to QUALANOD standard.

  • Melamine panels in 100% recycled chipboard. Respectful with the environment.

The Neo office partition is our newest product, with minimalist profiles and straight lines. The base materials, panels and glass are shown in all their purity.

The thickness of the partition is 80mm with a double 16mm melamine panel. The coverjoint version allows for a 26mm joint between panes of glass with double glazing. The hidden profile system allows double or single glass to be used from 5mm to 6+6 laminated.

The door frames are prepared for 40mm melamine, framed or Biglass doors. The system also allows the use of 10mm securit door with glass fittings.

The base of the Neo screen has a 10mm lateral housing that allows the carpet to be fitted by covering the irregularities of the cut. This allows the partition to be installed before the carpet and the door frames to be placed last, integrating the system totally into the decoration of our workspace.