Toilet partitions

Main features

  • Toilet partition composed of phenolic panel and accessories in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Phenolic resin panel with a 12mm thick black core, totally waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel legs.
  • Total panel height 1800mm. Total height including legs and top rail 2000mm.
  • The upper panel fastening system can be with an aluminium profile or with a stainless steel tube and clamp.
  • The phenolic panels are milled to overlap each other for better privacy.
  • The stainless steel hinges can be fitted with an internal spring for automatic closing.
  • The locking mechanism is equipped with an external free-occupancy indicator and an anti-locking system that allows it to be opened from the outside if necessary.
  • Wall starts are made by means of a U-rail screwed to the wall and riveted against the panel.
  • The corners are finished with a stainless steel or anodised aluminium corner profile.
  • The doors have a handle and can be equipped with a stainless steel coat hanger.
  • We have designed a Laluilolo kindergarten system for the youngest children for use in pre-schools and kindergartens.
  • The sanitary cabin system allows the use of wider sliding doors for people with reduced mobility.

Sanitary cabins are a widely used element for the rapid construction of public toilets. For a correct planning of the work, the sanitary cabins can be installed after the whole work has been done, even after the installation of the toilets. Since it is a customised product, it will be adjusted to the site once it has been completed.

It is interesting that the position of the sanitary ware is evenly distributed to achieve an aesthetic uniformity in the position of the doors and the central panels.

The standard width of a door is 625mm. and the total width of a cabin is about 900mm. The depth, in case the doors open inwards is usually about 1600mm and we can reduce it to 1400 or less if we open the doors outwards. The most common way is to open them inwards to avoid hitting another person when opening them.

The total height of a sanitary cabin is approximately 2000mm including the adjustable legs and the clamps.

Wider sliding doors can be incorporated for people with reduced mobility. Worktops made of phenolic with the installation of sinks, small dividers for privacy or even large-sized flags for breaking sight when entering and leaving the bathrooms can be used to complete the bathrom installation.