Walldoors telescopic frame

Main features

  • Door system with aluminium frame which is adaptable to wall thickness from 76mm to 220mm.

  • The frame covers up tu 55mm of the wall. It hides all usual wooden base frames and the joint between ceramic tiles and the frame. Covering with tiles up to the limit of the clear construction opening size is no longer needed.

  • Door leaf thickness is 40mm.

  • Hinges are fixed onto the surface of the aluminum frame profile directly with screws.

  • Door leaf can be melaminic panel, phenolic panel, HPL, aluminium framed door, Biglass or 10mm. tempered glass.

  • System includes tubular rubber bands to have a good fitting to the wall.

  • Door frame system is compatible with the wall covering system of Dinor. Profiles will cover all wooden cuts in the joint between clear door space and the wall.

  • Doors are produced in Dinor at special measure, which allows to fit to the construction needs.

  • Doors are mechanized to fit all needed accessories, and include lock, handle, skutcheon and lock cylinder.

  • Biglass door of 40mm is composed of 2 door leafs of tempered glass fixed onto an aluminum profile frame. The internal structure of door is hidden by oven-glazed paint.

  • Door frame system profiles have housing for squares which align the profiles in the miter. Profiles can be cutted to adjust measure with no need of any further mechanization.

Wall door with telescopic frame

Wall door with telescopic frame is a aluminum profile system for installing doors directly onto existing brick walls. The system is composed of two profiles which adapt to the thickness of the wall in each case.

The profiles cover up to 55mm of the wall so that most of wooden support frames are covered. If the wall is covered by ceramic tiles, the profiles will cover any irregular cut of the tiles in the joint of wall and door. If a wall is covered with phenolic panel or with the Dinor wall covering system, the profiles will cover the cuts of panel, making installation easier.

To install the profiles, screw the fixed part onto the wall, fulfill empty spaces with poliuretanic foam and then install the telescopic profile, fixing it with screws throught the fixed door frame profile. All screws are hidden below the rubber band which is also used to receive the door when closing.

The wall door system works fine with leafs of any kind. They can be melaminic panel, phenolic panel, HPL, aluminium framed door, Biglass or 10mm. tempered glass. Hinges can be directly screwed onto the flat surface of the frame.

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