Raised floor

Main features

  • Raised floor made up of 600x600mm tiles which can be opened on all its entire surface.
  • It is installed directly on the slab which can be prepared by applying a coat of anti-dust paint.
  • The pedestals are height-adjustable to absorb irregularities in the slab.
  • The pedestals are fixed to the slab using polyurethane based glue.
  • The finishes of the technical floor can be: HPL (laminate), PVC, linoleum, ceramic, natural stone, natural wood, carpet, etc
  • The core of the floor panels can be in high density agglomerate or in calcium sulphate from Knauf.
  • The lower finish of the plates can be in aluminium foil, galvanised steel plate tray or kraft paper.
  • The feet can be connected each other by means of stringers, forming a 600×600 support grid.
  • Electrical, voice and data facilities can be installed under the floor for access when needed.
  • The edges of the plates are rectified with an inclination of 4 degrees and protected by an ABS edge of 0.45mm. In this way, the joint between panels appears less than 1mm.
  • The pedestals and stringers incorporate an ABS base to receive the plates and absorb the vibrations of the traffic on the pavement.

Access floors are an indispensable element for workplaces. It will allow us to carry out all the voice and data installations underneath the registrable floor and we will be able to access them at any time to make extensions or modifications.

The raised floor is leveled with a rotating laser, directly over the slab, so we will be able to save on masonry works. Since it is installed on height-adjustable pedestals, there is no need to level the floor before receiving the raised floor. Optionally, it is possible to apply a coat of anti-dust paint on the screed before applying the raised floor.

Of all the possible finishes for the raised floor, Dinor recommends the use of ceramic flooring, either with a chipboard or sulphate core. The final finish has the same appearance of standard porcelain floor and its durability is higher than other finishes. Our ceramic industry in Levante provides us with quality materials that can be transformed into raised flooring. We can even combine normal floors with raised floors using the same ceramic having uniform colours on our offices.